Saturday, August 18, 2007

For those still reading...

I have had a lot of emails and people asking me if we ever found the Harvey's. The answer to that question is yes. They ended up having to take a flight the next day because one of their trains to the airport became delayed. Just thought I would put ease to any concern anyone might have still had!

Friday, August 17, 2007

Last Pictures...

Mike in front of Wimbledon (it was closed when we got there)

In front of The National Gallery (we saw DaVinci's, Van Gogh's and many more)

The Royal Observatory in Greenwich

Standing on the Prime Meridian (Mike in the Western Hemisphere and Nicole in the Eastern Hemisphere)

The church we went to on Sunday night (It was amazing!)

Eating in a 13th Century Pub (The Bear) in Oxford

Christ Church Cathedral and College

The Stairs in Christ Church where they filmed some scenes from Harry Potter (pretty sweet!)

Mike's meal at Wagamama

Standing in a Covent Garden cobblestone street

Pictures (Day Five & Six)

Haging Out in the Park

Some of our ladies dancing in a park

Joni taking a ride on the tire zip line

Mike and I at Tower Bridge

Standing next to the Royal Guard (No Fuzzy Hats!)

Thursday, August 16, 2007

More Pictures (Day Three & Four)

1.) Mike flipping one of the kids we worked wit

2.) Katie snipping some hair for the sock puppets the kids made

3.) Measuring out some hair for another sock puppet

4.) Listening to the Imam speak at the Mosque we went to.


5.) Sydni helping some girls put their stuffed pillows together.

6.) We prayer walked in this area in East London

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pictures...Finally!! (Day One & Two)

4) Our team inside the Gurdwara

5) A very nice neighborhood in Ealing

6) Stuck in a tight space in the boot (trunk) of a van

7) Playing with the kids outside in the car park

1) Flying over London... You can see the Tower Bridge if you look closely.

2) A Sign for the Tube ride

3) The HUGE Sikh Gurdwara that we visited

Sorry that they are out of order. I don't know what happened!

We're Back!

As sad as I was to leave London, England it feels nice to be sitting at my own computer right now writing this!
We had a fairly smooth flight home and arrived right on time. It didn't take us long to get through customs and all our luggage made it from Heathrow to LAX. The only thing missing from our flight were a couple of Harvey's. Yes that's right apparently we lost them somewhere in Europe (J/K). Ron and Rene Harvey were supposed to be on our flight with us, but they never showed up for the flight. We asked a flight attendant if she could check and see if they made it on, but she told us that was impossible. At this moment in time we are still not sure if they are still in Paris, London or California. I'll let you know later when I post some pictures. I'll try posting some pictures (the ones that I can) a little later and throughout the next few days!

Monday, August 13, 2007

London - Almost Home

Ok, I've got just over 9 minutes on some way over-priced internet so here we go. Yesterday we cruised all over and checked out the Royal Observatory in Greenwich where the longitude is 0' 0' 00'. We also took the tube to Covent Garden where our hotel is. The place is pretty cool, really simple. Last night we checked out the market area of Covent Garden which is very cool. We also attended church at Holy Trinity Brompton. That was a really awesome and refreshing experience. We looked forever trying to find a Wagamama to eat at, but everything was closed early on Sunday and we couldn't find one anyways. So we ended up at McDonald's.

Today we took a train up to Oxford. It was great to see some of the English countryside you always hear about. We took a bus tour of the city and got to tour Christ Church and the Cathedral. We also checked out this really cool bookstore called Blackwell's. It looks tiny from the front, but is pretty huge inside. We headed back to London and did some shopping in Picadilly Circus. Then, we FINALLY found a Wagamama near there. We just had dinner there a little bit ago and are now back at the hotel.

Tomorrow we head back to California! This has been a great trip, but both of us are now about ready to be home. We have lots of stories to share and can't wait to tell many of you in person.

-Mike and Nicole